Access the Performance Dashboard via web browser on either computer, laptop or tablet. Viewing this on a bigger screen often makes it users’ preferred choice for editing rounds and analysing statistics.

Dashboard v mobile app

Both have slightly different statistics available to analyse. The dashboard can be viewed on a larger screen, however we recommend you look at both the dashboard and mobile app when analysing your game.


Deeper analysis of your game – The dashboard allows you to dive into more detail with every statistic, by filtering to what you want to see. Filter statistics by club, yardage, round, year and more.

Every shot on map

View your round on a map of the course, full round overview or zoom in to see each individual hole. This provides a slightly different visual of your round.

Course hub

Virtually join any club you play, and see other Shot Scope users rounds at the same course. Compete for course records (scratch & handicap), long drives and more.

Review and edit easily

The dashboard is used on a larger screen (desktop, laptop or tablet), making it easier to see and edit your shots post-round as everything is enlarged.

Key Features


Full round overview and individual hole overviews on a map to clearly see every shot you have hit. Compare full round statistics against season averages on the Performance Dashboard.

Tee Shots

View exactly where and how far each Tee Shot goes, as well as Fairway Hit %, Left and Right Miss and scoring based upon Tee Shot result.


PinCollect records the exact location of the pin to provide detailed statistics such as Putts per Round, Miss Long or Short, Hole out % from varying distances, Average Holes per 3-Putt and more.


Break down Approach Proximity, Green Success %, Shots to Finish, view by club, approach distance, lie type and many other variants.

Shot Scope classifies any shot attempting to hit the green outside of 50 yards of the pin as an approach shot.

Short Game

PinCollect allows for highly accurate stats to be produced on: Average Short Game Proximity, % inside the ‘Red Zone’ (6ft) and that all important ‘Up & Down’ %.

Shot Scope classes all shots within 50 yards of the pin as short game shots.

Club Distances

Get real Club Distances based upon the distance you hit shots on the course – not on the range. View Average, Performance Average, Longest and Usage for all of your clubs.