Dashboard + App

The online dashboard and mobile app are used with all Shot Scope golf performance tracking watches to enable you to analyse your game in detail. With over 100 statistics including strokes gained, the Shot Scope statistics platform is the no.1 place to learn about your game.

The two platforms vary slightly from one another and each has its own advantages. We recommend exploring both to get the most out of your Shot Scope golf performance tracking watch.

The Shot Scope Mobile App

The mobile app offers detailed statistics on your game, including club distances and strokes gained analytics. Interactive charts and graphs are available to explore on all aspects of the game, as well as social features, such as Course Hub, Medals and Leaderboards.

Use the app to update courses before playing, or quickly upload your round via Bluetooth after playing. The mobile app is free to use with Shot Scope golf performance tracking watches.

The Shot Scope Dashboard

The dashboard is accessible via a web browser or by you log in hereThe dashboard offers another place to analyse over 100 statistics on your game, designed for use on a tablet, laptop or computer. The statistics available on the dashboard vary slightly to the mobile app.

The dashboard allows you to edit your round on a larger screen and is free to use with any Shot Scope golf performance tracking watch.

Data to improve at your fingertips

The statistics produced by Shot Scope are what we believe (as a group of golfers) to be the most beneficial statistics to help improve your game.

Knowing your club distances based on how far you hit the ball on the course (not the range) is invaluable. Understanding your misses off the tee and when approaching the green are pivotal when it comes to trying to improve your game.

The statistics and data available is free with any Shot Scope performance tracking watch.